Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 26th June 2018

Vocabulary plays an important role in strengthening the command over the English Language. Reading habits will help you to ace the English section as well. Also, Reading skills & Vocabulary help you to answer the questions on topics like Reading comprehension, synonym/antonym, fillers, cloze test, RC, etc.

Our series, Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist aims to help you understand the different aspects of the commonly used words, ranging from their meaning, pronunciation, synonym/antonym to proper use in sentences.

So, here is an important editorial for you from The Hindu, followed by important words from the same, to help you strengthen your vocabulary.

Happy Reading!

Mixed Signals

Challenging Words from the Article

1. Word: Feeble (कमज़ोर)

  • Pronunciation: fee-buh l/फीबल
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: 

        a. lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness.

        b. lacking the strength of character.

  • Synonyms: debilitated, weak, frail
  • Antonyms: strong, powerful, healthy
  • Use in a Sentence: We generally feel feeble when we are ill.

2. Word: Disburse (व्यय करना)

  • Pronunciation: dis-burs/डिस्बर्स
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: 

        a. pay out (money from a fund).

  • Synonyms: distribute, spend, give
  • Antonyms: gather, deposit
  • Use in a Sentence: The funds were to be disbursed in three installments.

3. Word: Plummet (तेज़ी से गिरना)

  • Pronunciation: pluhm-it/प्लमिट
  • Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
  • Meaning: 

        a. something that weighs down or depresses. [Noun]

        b. to plunge (fall or drop straight down at high speed.). [Verb]

  • Synonyms: descend, sink
  • Antonyms: ascend, escalate
  • Use in a Sentence: The values of the shares may increase or plummet within one week.

4. Word: Consortium (संकाय)

  • Pronunciation: kuh n-sawr-shee-uh m/कन्सॉर्शीअम
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: 

        a. any association, partnership, or union.

  • Synonyms: society, league, organization
  • Antonyms: disunion, discord
  • Use in a Sentence: The two organizations have joined forces to form a new consortium.

5. Word: Arbitrary (इच्छाधीन)

  • Pronunciation: ahr-bi-trer-ee?आर्बिट्रेरी
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
  • Synonyms: irrational, inconsistent, freakish
  • Antonyms: reasonable, circumspect, objective
  • Use in a Sentence: Her supposition was arbitrary, based on no valid proof.

6. Word: Witch-hunt (संदिग्ध व्यक्तियों की खोज)

  • Pronunciation: wich-huhnt/विच हन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society.
  • Synonyms: inquisitions, persecutions
  • Antonyms: forget, ignore, neglect
  • Use in Sentence: He led the witch-hunt against alleged communists in the 1950s.

7. Word: Wilful (हठी)

  • Pronunciationwil-fuh l/विल्फल
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: 

        a. (of a bad or harmful act) intentional; deliberate.

        b. having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences.

  • Synonyms: intentional, adamant, inflexible
  • Antonyms: chance, involuntary
  • Use in a Sentence: A wilful crime has no explanation and deserves no pardon.

8. Word: Precipitate (असावधान)

  • Pronunciation: pri-sip-i-teyt/प्रिसिपिटैट
  • Part of Speech: Verb, Adjective
  • Meaning: 

        a. cause (an event or situation, typically one that is undesirable) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely. [Verb]

        b. done, made, or acting suddenly or without careful consideration. [Adjective]

  • Synonyms: hasty, sudden, abrupt
  • Antonyms: deliberate, hesitant
  • Use in a Sentence: A small mistake could precipitate a disaster.

9. Word: Take with a pinch of salt  (अंशतः विश्वास करना)

  • Part of Speech: Idiom
  • Meaning: 

        a. To consider or evaluate something, such as a statement, while keeping in mind that it may not be completely true or accurate, typically due to the unreliability of the source.

  • Synonyms: disbelief
  • Antonyms: belief
  • Use in a Sentence: I have read the article, but take it with a pinch of salt.

10. Word: Knee-jerk (स्वभाविक)

  • Pronunciation: nee-jurk/नी जर्क
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: 

        a. (of a response) automatic and unthinking.

  • Synonyms: natural, habitual
  • Antonyms: crazy, strange
  • Use in a Sentence: That was a knee-jerk reaction on her part.

11. Word: Malpractices (अनाचार)

  • Pronunciation: mal-prak-tis/मैल्प्रैक्टिस
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: 

        a. improper, illegal, or negligent professional behaviour.

  • Synonyms: faults, wrongdoings
  • Antonyms: good behaviors
  • Use in a Sentence: The old machine has a lot of malpractices such as low work efficiency, etc.

12. Word: Swiftly (तेजी से)

  • Part of Speech: Adverb
  • Meaning: without delay, after a very short time
  • Pronunciation: Swe-ift-ly/स्विफ्ट्ली
  • Synonyms: promptly, instantly
  • Antonyms: slowly, sluggishly
  • Use in a Sentence: The police must be able to react swiftly in an emergency.

Practice Time

Based on the above article, we have some practice questions for you. Try to answer these questions in the comments section & our team will review them at the earliest!

Make your own Sentences

Here are some of the words from the above article. Try to frame sentences from them in your own words and share them with us in the comments section!

  • Knee-jerk
  • Take with a pinch of salt
  • Witchhunt
  • Plummet
  • Wilful
  • Malpractices

Match the column

In the pairs of words given below, which of the following is the Synonym – Synonym pair or Synonym – Antonym Pair?

S No. Word Pair
1 Feeble    – Healthy
2 Consortium – Discord
3 Disburse – Deposit
4 Precipitate – Abrupt
5 Arbitrary – Circumspect
6 Swiftly – Sluggishly

GK Questions

Q1. In NPA, what does “A” stands for?

Q2. In most of the cases, debt is classified as nonperforming when loan payments have not been made for a period of ____ days.

Q3. Who is the officeholder of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises?

Q4. Where is the headquarter of BOM?

Answer in the comment section.



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