Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verb Starting With Letter ‘F’

In our series of Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs’, today we are sharing the important idioms, phrases as well as phrasal verbs which start with the letter ‘F’. Go through this post and understand the meaning, Hindi meaning as well as usage of the following important idioms, phrases & phrasal verb to score well in English Section of the exams.

Important Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verb with Letter ‘F’

1. Face down (someone)

Meaning –  to confront someone boldly, to defeat someone or something that is opposing you by being brave and strong
Meaning (Hindi) –
  मजबूत होकर पराजित करना

Example –  The Prime Minister decided to face down his critics by his good work.

2. Face the music

Meaning – to accept the consequences of something

Meaning (Hindi) –  परिणामों को स्वीकार करना

Example –  You must face the music for your bad deeds soon.

3.Fair crack of the whip

Meaning – an equal chance to do something.

Meaning (Hindi) –  बराबर अवसर होना

Example – Reservation in government jobs is not good as all the candidates deserve a fair crack of the whip.

4. Fair and square

Meaning –  completely fair, honestly

Meaning (Hindi) – पूरी तरह से निष्पक्ष

Example –  The teacher got impressed by the fair and square dealing of the class monitor.

5. Fair to middling

Meaning – a little better than acceptable, so-so

Meaning (Hindi) – स्वीकार्य से थोड़ा बेहतर

Example – The food of the restaurant was not very good but it was fair to middling.

6. Fair-weather friend

Meaning –  – a person who is a friend only during good times

Meaning (Hindi) – अच्छे वक्त का साथी

Example –  You cannot rely on fair weather friends when you need help at the time of crisis.

7. Far and wide

Meaning – everywhere, in all directions

Meaning (Hindi) – हर जगह, सभी दिशाओं में

Example – The girl looked far and wide for the desired book but she couldn’t find it.

8. Far out

Meaning – to be strange

Meaning (Hindi) – अजीब होना

Example – The dreams of my sister are far out to be understood by others.

9. Farm (something) out or farm out (something)

Meaning – to have someone else do something, to send something away to have it done

Meaning (Hindi) –  जिम्मा सौंपना, ठेके पर देना

Example –  The organization decided to farm out the designing work to freelancers in order to get it done fast.

10. Fat chance

Meaning – little or no possibility, almost no chance

Meaning (Hindi) – कोई संभावना नहीं होना

Example – Going on a picnic is a fat chance as my mother never allows me to go outside with friends.

11.Fat of the land

Meaning – the best of everything (without having to work for it)

Meaning (Hindi) – सबसे अच्छा

Example – My father has worked hard to provide me fat of the land.

12.Feast one’s eyes on (someone or something)

Meaning – to look at someone or something with pleasure

Meaning (Hindi) – ख़ुशी से कुछ देखना

Example –   The old lady feasted her eyes on the beautiful craft created by her granddaughter.

13. Feed (someone) a line

Meaning – – to deceive someone

Meaning (Hindi) –  धोखा देना

Example – The con man tried to feed a line to the old lady but failed.

14. Feel dragged out

Meaning – to feel exhausted

Meaning (Hindi) – थका हुआ महसूस करना

Example -: When I returned from the long trip, I felt completely dragged out.

15. Feet of clay

Meaning – a hidden or unexpected fault or weakness that a respected or powerful person has

Meaning (Hindi) – कमजोरी

Example -: The secretary is aware of the feet of clay of the manager.

16. Find it in one’s heart to (do something)

Meaning – to have the compassion or courage to do something

Meaning (Hindi) – कुछ करने के लिए करुणा या साहस होना

Example -: The mother could not find it in her heart to tell the little girl about the dead cat.

17. Fizzle out

Meaning – to fail after a good start, to end in failure

Meaning (Hindi) – अच्छी शुरूआत के बाद विफल होना

Example -: The company did very well in starting but fizzled out after 2 years.

18. From hand to mouth

Meaning – a miserable existence

Meaning (Hindi) – किसी तरह गुजारा करना

Example -: It is very important for the government to do something for poor people so they do not have to live from hand to mouth.

19. Firing on all cylinders

Meaning –  to be working and making every possible effort

Meaning (Hindi) – हर संभव प्रयास करना

Example -: The doctors were firing on all cylinders to save the life of the patient.

20.Faff about/Faff Around

Meaning – To waste time; spend time idly.

Meaning (Hindi) – समय व्यर्थ खर्च करना

Example -: If you want to clear the exam then stop faffing about right now. 

21. Face up to 

Meaning –   acknowledge something embarrassing; accept an unpleasant reality

Meaning (Hindi) – अप्रिय वास्तविकता का  सामना होना

Example -: The Actresses find it difficult to face up to the fact that they are getting old.

22. Ferret out

Meaning –To discover something after searching.

Meaning (Hindi) –  पता लगाना

Example – The police is trying hard to ferret out the criminals behind the bank robbery case.

23. Fritter away

Meaning – To waste or squander time or money.

Meaning (Hindi) –  समय या पैसा बर्बाद करना

Example – It is not wise to fritter away hard earned money on useless things.

24. Flake Out

Meaning – To fall asleep from exhaustion.

Meaning (Hindi) –  थकावट से सोना

Example – As the day was full of work, the boy flaked out as soon as he reached home.

Word of the day: Fall

25. Fall back on 

Meaning –    begin to use something held in reserve

Meaning (Hindi) – सहारा लेना

Example – You must have enough savings to fall back on at the time of crisis.

26. Fall back 

Meaning –  Retreat (especially in the case of an army), move or turn back

Meaning (Hindi) – वापसी होना

Example – Keeping in mind the critical situation, the chief minister ordered the police officer to  fall back to a safer location

27. Fall behind 

Meaning – go slower than planned

Meaning (Hindi) – योजना से धीमे होना

Example – If you do not pratice well, you will fall behind other players.

28. Fall off

Meaning – decrease

Meaning (Hindi) – घटना

Example – With the introduction of the new schemes, unemployment has fallen off. 

29. Fall out with

Meaning – have an argument with

Meaning (Hindi) – बहस होना

Example –  The student fell out with his teacher over poor performance in the test.

30. Fall Apart

Meaning – Break into pieces, disorganized or unable to work effectively

Meaning (Hindi) – अलग – थलग, बिखर जाना

Example – The neighbouring countries have tried everything to stop their relationship falling apart. 

31. Fall Head over heals

Meaning – to fall down, perhaps turning over or rolling.

Meaning (Hindi) – पूरी तरह से गिरना

Example – The blind man fell head over heels on the road.

32. Fall Through

Meaning –  To fail, to be unsuccessful, to come to nothing.

Meaning (Hindi) – असफल होना

Example – Their plan to go on a picnic fell through because it rained.

33. Fall Down / Fall Over

Meaning –   to fail to meet expectations or requirements

Meaning (Hindi) – उम्मीदों पर खरा न उतरना 

Example – The newly launched product of the big company fell down because there were no good reviews.

All the best for your exams


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