Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 17th April 2018

Today’s article War for War: On U.S. Strikes on Syria

 has been picked from ‘The Hindu ’

A good vocabulary is critical to score good marks in the English section of the competitive exams. It helps improve all the areas of communication, ranging from speaking, listening, reading and even writing.

So, here is an important editorial for you, followed by important words from the same, to help you strengthen your vocabulary.

Happy Reading!

War for War: On U.S. Strikes on Syria!

Important Words from the Article

Word of the Day: Provocation

  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: An action or speech that makes someone angry, especially deliberately. (उकसाहट)
  • Pronunciation: प्रो-वो-के-शन (pro-vo-ke-shun)
  • Synonyms: Affront, Incitement
  • Antonyms: Pacification, Suppression
  • Use in Sentence:
    Despite the provocation from the opposite council he quietly walked away.
  • Remarks: Provocation comes from the word ‘Provoke’, which is a verb and means ‘stimulate or give rise to’.

1. Word: Gutted

  • Part of Speech: Adjective, Verb
  • Meaning:
    (a) bitterly disappointed or upset (अत्यधिक दुखी) (adjective)
    (b) Remove or destroy completely (verb)
  • Pronunciation: गट-टेड
  • Synonyms: Brokenhearted
  • Antonyms: Pleased
  • Use in Sentence:
    (a) The entire building was gutted by fire. (verb)
    (b) The team was gutted after losing the finals. (adjective)
  • Remarks: Gutted comes from the word ‘Gut’, which may be used a noun or a verb.

2. Word: Watchdog

  • Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
  • Meaning:
    (a) a person or group that monitors the practices of companies (noun)
    (b) Monitor (a person/ activity/ situation) (verb)
  • Pronunciation: वाच-डॉग (watch-dog)
  • Synonyms: Custodian, Guardian
  • Use in Sentence:
    The Institute acts as an independent watchdog to look after the policies of the company.

3. Word: Flouted

  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: openly disregard (अनादर करना)
  • Pronunciation: फ्ला-उ-टेड
  • Synonyms: Mocked, Scoffed
  • Antonyms: Obeyed
  • Use in Sentence

4. Word: Brute

  • Part of Speech: Noun, Adjective
  • Meaning:
    (a) a savagely violent man or animal (noun)
    (b) unreasoning and animal-like (कठोर) (adjective)
  • Pronunciation: ब्रूट (bru-t)
  • Synonyms: Beast
  • Antonyms: Kind-hearted, Humane
  • Use in Sentence:
    Using brute force was his last option to win. (adjective)
    Since he is a brute, people usually avoid talking to him at work.

5. Word: Bravado

  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate (साहस प्रदर्शन)
  • Pronunciation: ब्र-वा-डो (bra-va-do)
  • Synonyms: Boast
  • Antonyms: Modesty
  • Use in Sentence
    He stood up to his bullies out of bravado.

6. Word: Requisite

  • Part of Speech: Adjective, Noun
  • Meaning:
    (a) made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations (आवश्यक) (adjective)
    (b) a thing that is necessary for the achievement of a specified end (आवश्यक वस्तु) (noun)
  • Pronunciation: रे-क्वि-ज़िट (rec-wuh-zit)
  • Synonyms: Essential
  • Antonyms: Optional, Non-essential
  • Use in Sentence:
    Mathematics is a requisite for pursuing engineering.

7. Idiom/Phrase: Made Good

  • Meaning:
    (a) to succeed and become rich
    (b) When someone makes good something, they either pay for it, or make it happen
  • Use in a Sentence:
    Although he struggled in the beginning, he made good on all his promises.

Make your own Sentences

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us –

  • Join Hands
  • Devastating
  • Ascertain
  • Deter
  • Mandate

All the best for your exams


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