Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 6th April 2018

Today’s article ‘SC/ST Act verdict: The violent aftermath‘ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

This article sheds light on violent protests against the Supreme Court ruling introducing safeguards against misuse of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The article says that the loss of nine lives in violent protest is horrific as the central and state governments were unaware of the scale and intensity of the protests.The article reaches to the conclusion that the court must re-examine the SC/ST Act verdict, but in an atmosphere of calm.

SC/ST Act verdict: The violent aftermath

1)Atrocity (noun) (क्रूरता): atro-city
Meaning –
 a horrific action
act of barbarity, act of brutality, act of savagery, act of wickedness, cruelty, abomination, enormity
Antonyms –   
good behaviour, kindness, pleasantness, pleasantry
Example – 
When the president learned of the dictator’s atrocity, he promised to help remove the cruel leader from power.

2)Disparate (adjective)(असमान, विभिन्न): dis-parayte
Meaning –
 very different from each other
Synonyms-: contrasting, different, differing, dissimilar, unlike
Antonyms –   
homogeneous, similar, comparable, equivalent, like, analogous
Example – 
Everyone in the book club has disparate ideas on what we have read, but that’s what makes every discussion so interesting.

3)Unpalatable (adjective) (कड़ा, अप्रिय): un-pelet-bal
Meaning –
 unpleasant to the taste/difficult to put up with or accept.
Synonyms-: unappetizing, uninviting, unappealing, disagreeable, unpleasant
Antonyms –   
palatable, tasty,  pleasant, acceptable, satisfactory
Example – 
He had been bold enough to speak the unpalatable truth.

4)Dispel (verb)  (दूर करना): dis-pel
Meaning –
 to cause to depart or be broken apart
Synonyms-: banish, eliminate, dismiss
Antonyms – 
engender, produce, create
Example – 
When the president made his speech about the state of the country’s security, he hoped his words would dispel public fears.

5)Conducive (adjective)(सहायक, हितकर): cun-dew-siv
Meaning –
 to cause or produce something
Synonyms-:  good for, favourable, beneficial, advantageous.
Antonyms –  
 unfavourable, adverse, critical, hostile
Example –
Two things that I do to everyday for a conducive mind is drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise.

6)Unleash (verb) – (खोल देना): cun-leash
Meaning – 
to set free from a restraint/cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.
Synonyms-: let loose, release, set free.
Antonyms – 
restrain, prevent, stop, keep
Example – 
The war could unleash unstoppable political and economic changes.

7)Pragmatic (adjective)  (व्यावहारिक): prag-may-tic
Meaning –
 concentrating on practical results and facts instead of speculation and opinion
Synonyms-: practical, efficient, sensible, realistic
Antonyms –  
theoretical, unrealistic, inefficient, idealistic, impractical, unprofessional
Example – 
My mother is quite pragmatic in nature and never does anything without rationalizing it first.

8)Marginalise (verb(हाशिए पर) : marzin-lise
Meaning – 
treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant or peripheral.
Synonyms-: minor, undervalue, underrate, disregard
Antonyms –   
Elevate, promote, praise
Example –
By removing religion from the public space, we marginalize it.

Idioms/Phrases/Phrasal Verbs in the article –

9)Against the grain (phrase)  (स्वभाव के विरुद्ध होना) :
Meaning – 
contrary to the natural inclination or feeling of someone or something.
Synonyms-: opposite, different, contrary
Antonyms – Similar
Example –  It goes against the grain to accept that any forest can be improved by the removal of a tree.

10)Lay down (phrasal verb)   ( निर्धारित करना, स्थापित करना) : 
– to state officially what someone must do or how they must do it/to put something down in order to show you are not going to use it again, for example, a weapon or tool/to tell someone what to do or how to behave in a way that shows that you expect them to obey you completely
Synonyms-: prescribe,formulate, stipulate
Example –  The Companies Act lays down a set of minimum requirements. 

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us –
  • Oppressed
  • Uphold
  • Absolute
  • Spend
  • Discontent

Word of the Day

  • Slapstick  (Noun)  –  हँसी मज़ाक
  • Meaning – comedy based on deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events
  • Synonyms –buffoonery, clownery, clowning, foolery, high jinks
  • Antonyms – tragedy
  • Example (English) – New show, The Drama Company, is all about slapstick comedy.
  • Example (Hindi) – नया कॉमेडी शो, द ड्रामा कंपनी, हँसी मज़ाक की कॉमेडी के बारे में है।

All the best for your exams


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