Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 28th March 2018

Today’s article ‘Principle & procedure: on the court ruling on AAP MLAs‘ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

This article discusses the Delhi High Court verdict which set aside the disqualification of 20 Aam Adami Party MLAs in Delhi.The article says it is an extremely critical indictment of the Election Commision’s functioning.

Principle & procedure: on the court ruling on AAP MLAs

1)Searing (adjective) (गंभीर रूप से आलोचनात्मक) : se-ar-ing
Meaning –  
severely critical/extremely hot or intense
Synonyms- fierce, savage, blistering, scathing,
 comfortable, agreeable, friendly, genial, hospitable, pleasant
Example – 
She made national headlines with her searing attack on the President.

2)Extraneous (verb) (असंगत): extra-ni-us
Meaning –  
not essential or coming from the outside
Synonyms- irrelevant, immaterial, unrelated, inapposite,  inapplicable
 relevant, pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos
Example – 
There was so much extraneous information in the report that it was impossible to weed out what was valuable and what was garbage.

3)Scrupulously (अति सतर्कतापूर्वक) : scrup-al-usly
Meaning –  
in a very careful and thorough way/with great effort to avoid doing wrong.
Synonyms- carefullyreligiously, consistently, constantly
  inadequately, incompletely, partially, carelessly, incautiously, thoughtlessly
Example –  
As a surgeon you has to perform life-saving operations scrupulously.

4)Adjudicate  (adjective) (निर्णय करना): ad-ju-di-kate
Meaning –  
to make a decision on an issue
Synonyms- judge, adjudge, try, hear, examine, arbitrate
 hesitate, defer, dodge, ignore
Example – 
You should never adjudicate a major decision when you are under the influence of anger.

5)Latitude (noun) (स्वतंत्रता): lati-tude
Meaning –  
having the choice to do something
Synonyms- freedom, scope, leeway, space, flexibility, liberty
  dependence, helplessness, weakness
Example – 
My father gave me the latitude to choose my carrer.

6)Vitiate (adjective) (भ्रष्ट करना): viti-ate
Meaning –  
to spoil, make faulty; to reduce the value, quality, or effectiveness of something
Synonyms-  ruining, destroying, upsetting.
 allow, help, permit, affirm
Example – 
We can’t allow that corporation to vitiate the purity of our drinking water by building a factory next to the river.

7)Scathing (adjective)(तीखा): scath-ing
Meaning –  
extremely severe or harsh
Synonyms- : devastating, withering, blistering, extremely critical, searing, scorching
 mild, gentle, complimentary
Example – 
The scathing criticism did not inspire the student to improve his writing skills.
8)Specious (adjective) (भ्रामक): speci-us
Meaning –  
seems correct or true, but actually wrong or false; deceptive
Synonyms-  misleading, deceptive, false, fallacious, unsound
accurate, correct, genuine, honest
Example –
Since she had doubts about the specious business offer, Kim refused to sign the contract.

Idioms/Phrases/Phrasal Verbs in the Article –

9)Set aside (phrasal verb) (टालना, रद्द करना): 
Meaning –
  to not let a particular feeling, opinion, or belief influence you, in order to achieve something more important/to keep or save something from a larger amount or supply in order to use it later for a particular purpose/to officially state that a particular legal decision will no longer be followed
Synonyms- dismiss, reject, turn down, ignore, nullify
   welcome, approve, appreciate
Example –  They agreed to set aside their differences and work together for peace.

10)On its merits (phrase)– (योग्यता के अनुसार): 
Meaning –
  According to or based on facts or qualities essential to a person or situation/based only on a person’s or thing’s qualities and not on what other people say about that person or thing
 accordingly, as per
Example –  can assure you that she got the job on her own merits and not because she is the CEO’s daughter.

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us –

  • Indictment
  • Intimation
  • Adhere
  • Empower
  • Impartiality

Word of the Day

  • Deliberately  (Adverb)  –  जानबूझकर
  • Meaning –  consciously and intentionally; on purpose
  • Synonyms –  intentionally, purposefully, knowingly, consciously, premeditatedly
  • Antonyms –  accidentally, unintentionally, hastily, unconsciously
  • Example (English) -Smith said that his side deliberately tried to tamper the condition of the ball.
  • Example (Hindi) – स्मिथ ने कहा कि उनके पक्ष ने जानबूझकर गेंद की स्थिति को छेड़ने की कोशिश की।

All the best for your exams


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