Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 01st March 2018

Today’s article ‘Xi unlimited: on Xi Jinping’s presidential term‘ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

Xi unlimited: on Xi Jinping’s presidential term

1)Stature (noun)  (उच्चता,महानता): sta-chur
Meaning – 
a level of prestige earned for a deed or achievement
Synonyms –  reputation, status, prestige
Antonyms –  disgrace, dishonour, disrepute, ignominy

Example – 
As a five-time Grammy winner, Aretha has a huge stature in the music community.

2)Stint (noun)  (कार्यकाल): es-tint
Meaning – 
a span of time in which a person is occupied with a particular job or in a particular place
Synonyms –   time, term, session, spell
Example – 
During my stint in the military, I travelled to many different countries.

3)Oversee (verb) (देखरेख): over-c
Meaning –  
supervise (a person or their work), especially in an official capacity.
Synonyms – supervise, manage, control
Antonyms – 
Example – 
The Home Secretary oversees the police service.

4)Profess (adjective) (ढोंग करना): pro-fes
Meaning –  
to make claims about yourself that other people do not believe/claim, often falsely, that one has (a quality or feeling).
Synonyms –   declared, avowed, confirmed
Example – 
Even though the men profess to be police officers, they are not law enforcement agents so do not allow them in your home.

5)Groom (verb) (तैयार करना ): gr-u-m
Meaning – 
 prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity.
Synonyms – 
prepare, prime, make ready, ready, condition, tailor
Antonyms –
destroy, discourage
Example – 
The horses are being groomed for the competition. 

6)Chaotic (adjective)  (अराजक): chao-tik
Meaning – 
disordered; hectic
Synonyms –  confused,  in disarray, disorganized.
Antonyms –
Example – 
A confusing and chaotic scene took place in the mall when a toddler wandered off from his mother.

Idioms and Phrases

7)Set apart (phrasal verb) (किसी को या कुछ अलग और विशेष बनाना):
Meaning –  
to make someone or something different and special
Synonyms – 
distinguish, differentiate, single out,separate.
Example –  
’s natural athleticism set him apart from other cricket players.

8)Break with (phrasal verb)(एक पूरी तरह से नए तरीके से कुछ शुरू करना )):
Meaning – 
 to start doing something in a  completely new way
Synonyms – 
unusual, atypical, unique
Antonyms –
Example – 
Some women in Iran broke with tradition by going to study abroad.

9)Take someone by surprise (phrase)  (कुछ अप्रत्याशित करके किसी को आश्चर्यचकित करना )
Meaning – 
 to startle someone; to surprise someone with something unexpected.
Synonyms – 
surprise, shock, stun, astonish.
Antonyms –
Example –  The son took the mother by surprise by gifting a diamond necklace from his own salary.

10)Room for manoeuvre (phrase)  (एक अलग तरीके से चीजों को बदलने या करने का अवसर):
Meaning – 
 the opportunity to change or do things in a different way
Synonyms – 
freedom, convenienceopportunity, chance, choice
Antonyms –
Example – 
The deal that was signed left us little room for manoeuvre.

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us –

  • Consolidate
  • Pursue
  • Unlimited
  • Assertive
  • Centralisation

Word of the Day

  • Bestow  (Verb)  –  प्रदान करना
  • Meaning – confer or present (an honour, right, or gift); to give something as an honour or present
  • Synonyms –give, grant, confer, award, present
  • Antonyms – deprive, refuse, take, withhold
  • Example (English) – Vijay Amritraj was bestowed with Lifetime Achievement award in Mahindra Scorpio TOISA 2018.
  • Example (Hindi) –  विजय अमृतराज को महिंद्रा स्कॉर्पियो TOISA 2018 में लाइफटाइम अचीवमेंट पुरस्कार प्रदान किया गया।

All the best for your exams


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