Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 3rd February 2018

Today’s article, ‘A wider net: on the expanding tax base’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

 This article sheds light on the widening of tax base and the approach government should take after it. The article says that as the tax base widens, the Finance Minister should cut the share of indirect taxes and the government needs a roadmap to expand the direct tax by reducing blanket exemptions for occupation such as farming and should use a more dedicated Big Data-driven approach to target tax evaders.

A wider net: on the expanding tax base

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1)Exacerbate (verb)   ( ख़राब करना) : ex-acer-bate
Meaning –
to increase the severity or worsen
Synonyms – aggravate, worsen, inflame
Antonyms –
 calm, reduce
Example –
 Not paying your taxes will only exacerbate your financial problems in the future.

2) Prune (verb)   ( छटना) : pru-n
Meaning –
 reduce the extent of (something) by removing superfluous or unwanted parts/

Synonyms –  reduce, reduce, cut, trim, cut down, decrease.
Antonyms –
 elongate, extend, lengthen
Example –
 Firms are cutting investment and pruning their product ranges as well as workforce due to recession.

3) Evasion (noun)  ( टालना) : eva-zun
Meaning –
 the act of 
escaping from or avoiding (someone or something), especially by guile or trickery.
Synonyms –   avoidance, dodging, eluding, elusion, sidestepping
Antonyms –
Example –
The rich politician
 was arrested for tax evasion.

4) Woe (noun)   ( विलाप) : vo
Meaning –
great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically).
Synonyms –  misery, sorrow, distress, wretchedness, sadness, unhappiness
Antonyms –
Example –
 He told me a real tale of woe about how he had lost both his job and his house in the same week.

5) Chink (noun) –  ( कमजोर बिंदु) : chi-nk
Meaning –
  small narrow opening

Synonyms –   weak point, opening, gap.
Example –
 Sunlight entered the room through a chink in the curtains.

6) Glacial (adjective)   ( बहुत धीमी गति से) : gly-sial
Meaning –
 extremely slow/extremely cold

Synonyms –  crawling, creeping, dallying, dawdling, dilator
Antonyms –
 expeditious, warm, prompt, accelerated
Example –
 Progress on the women reservation bill has been glacial in the parliament.

7)Reckon (verb)   ( अनुमान लगाना) : rek-on
Meaning –
to anticipate a specific thing will occur
Synonyms –   calculate, work out; estimate, evaluate.
Antonyms –
 abandon, cancel, disbelieve
Example –
 Economic analysts reckon the economy is improving because fewer people are filing for unemployment benefits.

8)Strip (of) (verb)  ( वंचित करना) : strip-of
Meaning –
 to take something, such as status or property, away from someone or something.

Synonyms –   dispossess, deprive, divest.
Antonyms –
 affluent, flush, loaded, moneyed, opulent
Example –
 The court stripped him of all his property due to his involvement in terror attacks

9) Inertia (noun)    ( निष्क्रियता) : iner-sia
Meaning –
the tendency to continue being motionless or inactive
Synonyms –   inactivity, inaction/apathy, resistance to change.
Antonyms –
 activity, energy
Example –
 The inertia of the police force allowed the murder suspect to easily slip out of the country.

10) Macroeconomic (adjective) –  ( पूर्वानुमान) : macro-eco-nomic
Meaning-: Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the behavior and performance of an economy as a whole. It focuses on the aggregate changes in the economy such as unemployment, growth rate, gross domestic product and inflation

11)Current account deficit (noun) (चालू खाता घाटा)
Meaning –
  current account deficit is a measurement of a country’s trade where the value of the goods and services it imports exceeds the value of the goods and services it exports.

12)Fiscal deficit (noun) (राजकोषीय घाटा)
Meaning – 
the amount by which government expenditure exceeds income from taxation, customs duties, etc, in any one fiscal year / the difference between total expenditure and total income of the government/

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Assess
  • Deficit
  • Exemptions
  • Critical
  • Tackle

Word of the Day

  • Confluence (Noun) –  संगम
  • Meaning –a circumstance where two things merge or occur simultaneously/the junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width.
  • Synonyms: convergence, meeting, junction, joining, Conflux, combination, connection, consolidation
  • Antonyms-: divergence, disperse, scatter
  • Example (English) – Because there is a wonderful confluence of gorgeous weather and stunning scenery on the beach today, my birthday is going to be perfect.
  • Example (Hindi) –  क्योंकि आज समुद्र तट पर भव्य मौसम और आश्चर्यजनक दृश्यों का एक अद्भुत संगम है, मेरा जन्मदिन एकदम अच्छा होने वाला है |

All the best for your exams


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