Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 1st February 2018

Today’s article, ‘Economic Survey: Cautious optimism’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

 This article talks about Economic Survey represented by Finance Minister of India Mr. Arun Jaitle, is full of optimism but it also predicts that economic management will be challenging in the coming year. This economic survey highlights the need to maintain fiscal credibility in the country.

Economic Survey: Cautious optimism

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1) Prognosis (noun) (adjective)  ( पूर्वानुमान) : prog-noh-sis
Meaning –
the predicted outcome of a situation
Synonyms –  forecast, prediction, projection.
Antonyms –
 hindsight, ignorance, thoughtlessness
Example –
 Due to the company’s financial prognosis, we will probably be one of top ten industries in less than three months.

2) Nascent (adjective)   (आरम्भ होता हुआ) : nay-cent
Meaning –
(especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

Synonyms –  burgeoning,fledgling,blossoming
Antonyms –
 dying, shrinking, withering
Example –
 Although our nonprofit organization is nascent, we have already raised over a half a million dollars in four months.

3) Sanguine ( adjective)  (आशावादी) : san-gwine
Meaning –
optimistic, hopeful, or confident about the future
Synonyms –  buoyant, confident, cheerful, cheery, bright, assured
Antonyms –  pessimistic, gloomy
Example –
 The bank manager did not feel sanguine about recovering the loan.

4) Onus (noun) –  (दायित्व) : o-nus
Meaning –
the responsibility for something
Synonyms – responsibility, duty, burden.
Antonyms –
 irresponsibility , absurdity , lunacy
Example –
 It is the onus of the applicant to fill out the application details completely and correctly.

5) Calibrate (verb) (जांच करना) : cali-brate
Meaning –
to quantify in a careful and detailed manner
Synonyms – assess,modify,regulate.
Antonyms –
 neglect, ignore
Example –
 Pesticide levels in food are simply too difficult to calibrate.

6) Mitigation (noun)   (शमन,अल्पीकरण) : miti-gay-shun
Meaning – 
the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.
Synonyms – alleviation, reduction, diminution, lessening
Antonyms –
 intensification, boosting, sharpening, strengthening, augmentation
Example –
Because the police force has done very little for the mitigation of crime in our neighbourhood, it is not safe to go out after dark.

7) Exemplary (adjective)   (अनुकरणीय) : exem-ple-ri
Meaning –
something so good that it is an example for others to follow
Synonyms –  perfect, ideal/model, flawless.
Antonyms –
 deplorable, unworthy
Example –
 The men and women of the armed forces are exemplary citizens who put the needs of others before their own needs.

8) Vigilant (adjective) (जागरूक) : vigi-lant
Meaning –
watchful, especially for danger or disorder
Synonyms – watchful, on the lookout, observant.
Antonyms –
  negligent, inattentive
Example –
 As the Secretary of Defense, it is your responsibility to remain vigilant to threats against Homeland Security.

9) Choke off (phrasal verb)  (रोकना,बाधा डालना) : choke-off
Meaning –
  to stop or obstruct someone/something (positive) from happening.

Synonyms – terminate, impede, hinder, hamper, block 
Antonyms –
 facilitate, help, further
Example –
 They warned the Chancellor that raising taxes in the Budget could choke off the recovery.

10) Paint the picture of (phrase)  (वर्णन करना
Meaning –
 to describe or show something in a particular way

Synonyms – tell, describe, outline.
Antonyms –
  distort, falsify, garble, misdescribe, misrepresent
Example –
 The statistics of Indian Economy do not paint an optimistic picture.

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us.

  •  Cautious
  • Optimism
  • Contribute
  • Sustainability
  • Assumptions

Word of the Day

  • Unprecedented  (Adjective)  –  अभूतपूर्व
  • Meaning – never done or known before
  • Synonyms: unparalleled, unequalled, unmatched, exceptional, extraordinary
  • Antonyms-: familiar, typical, ordinary
  • Example (English) –In an unprecedented event, all the 10 ASEAN leaders were the chief guests at the Republic Day parade.
  • Example (Hindi) –  एक अभूतपूर्व घटना में, सभी 10 आसियान नेता गणतंत्र दिवस परेड के प्रमुख अतिथि थे।

All the best for your exams


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