Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 31th January 2018

Today’s article, ‘Banking on good faith: on efforts to recapitalise PSBs’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

This article sheds light on efforts of Central Government to strengthen the Indian Public Sector Banks through their recapitalization process. The article says that more structural reforms are needed to maximise the bank recapitalisation effort.

Banking on good faith: on efforts to recapitalise PSBs

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1) Glaring (adjective)  (स्पष्ट) : glay-aring
Meaning –
 highly obvious or conspicuous.

Synonyms – obvious, flagrant, blatant, inescapable.
Antonyms –
minor, inconspicuous
Example –
 There were several glaring inconsistencies in his report.

2) Allay (verb) (निराकरण करना) : aa-lay
Meaning –
 diminish or put at rest (fear, suspicion, or worry).

Synonyms – reduce, decrease, lessen.
Antonyms –
increase, intensify
Example –
Even though the president has apologized for his lack of action during the crisis, his statement has done nothing to allay public anger.

3)Tap (verb)  (उपयोग करना) : tap
Meaning –
 exploit or draw a supply from (a resource).

Synonyms – draw on, exploit, make use of, use , utilize
Antonyms – 
ignore, neglect misapply, misuse
Example –
I tried to tap into my memory to find the answer I was looking for, but I was unable to remember what I needed to.

4) Ailing (adjective)  (बीमार) : ai-ling
Meaning –
n poor health or condition
Synonyms – failing, weak
Antonyms –
healthy, strong, successful
Example -Ailing
Indian sports need to be revived by Government.

5) Overshooting (verb)  ((एक वित्तीय लक्ष्य या सीमा) से अधिक) – over-shooting
Meaning – 
exceed (a financial target or limit) , to spend more than planned to.
– Overrunning, overtaking
Example –
  The government usually have to overshoot its original spending target.

6) Slack  (adjective) (ढीला) – slack
Meaning – 
not held tightly in position ,  not doing work properly.
Synonyms – Loose, slow, sluggish
Antonyms – Desirous, diligent, active
Example – He accused the government of slackness and complacency.

7)  Credibility (noun)(विश्वसनीयता) – credi-bi-lity
Meaning – 
the quality of being trusted and believed in.
Synonyms – Trustworthiness, reliability, veracity
Antonyms – Incredibility, deceit
Example – 
The police nowadays have lost their credibility.

8) Meltdown (noun) (मंदी) – melt-down
Meaning – 
a disastrous collapse or breakdown.
Synonyms – 
Blowout, breakdown, debacle
Antonyms – Positive outcome
Example – 
Urgent talks are going on to prevent the market going into financial meltdown during the summer.

9) Recapitalise (noun) (पुन: पूँजीकरण ) : re-cap-ti-lize
Meaning –
provide (a business) with more capital, especially by replacing debt with stock.
Synonyms – Hedge, taper
Example – A corporation, or an industry, is sustainable only when it continually reinvents and recapitalizes itself to meet changing business requirements.

10) Haircut (noun) (लिखित मूल्य में कमी): hair-cut
Meaning –
 a reduction in the mentioned value of an asset.

Now that you have read the words and the editorial, it is time to test your English writing ability. Make sentences with the words given below and write in Comments Section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Regulatory
  • Extent
  • Resolution
  • Faith
  • Intended

Word of the Day

  • Stow  (Verb)  –  बाँधकर रख देना
  • Meaning – pack or store (an object) carefully and neatly in a particular place
  • Synonyms: deposit, pack, load, store, stash
  • Antonyms-: use, disarrange
  • Example (English) –To stow their luggage in railway cloak room, soon passengers have to pay more.
  • Example (Hindi) –  रेलवे क्लॉक रूम में सामान बाँधकर रखने के लिए, जल्द ही यात्रियों को अधिक भुगतान करना होगा।

All the best for your exams


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