Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 15th January 2018

Today’s article, ‘Judiciary in turmoil’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

This article discusses the press conference held by four senior judges of the Supreme Court recently. The article calls such never done before incident unfortuante as it has exposed the major disagreement among the top levels of the judiciary.

Judiciary in turmoil

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1)Ominous (adjective)  ( अमंगल): Omin-as
Meaning –
 suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future
Synonyms-:  threatening, menacing, forbidding.
Antonyms – auspicious, bright, favourable
Example –  A friendly outing took an ominous turn when the driver realized the bus brakes were no longer working.

2)Ferment (noun) ( विक्षोभ): Fer-ment
Meaning –  
to produce excitement or unrest
Synonyms-:   intensify/become worse (of a problem because of long-negligence).
Antonyms – quiet, ease, dampen
Example – The union leader hopes to ferment dissatisfaction amid the workers to force management to increase salaries.

3)Aberration (noun) – ( विपथन, पथभ्रष्टता, गुमराह ): Ab-er-ashun
Meaning – 
deviating from what is normal or desirable, not typical
anomaly, deviation/departure/divergence, mistake.
Antonyms  – regularity, normality, soundness ,sameness
Example – 
In a moment of aberration, she agreed to marry him even there was no reason to like him.

4) Inexorably (adverb) ( अभेद्य): In-exor-abl-e
Meaning –
in a way that is impossible to stop or prevent.
Synonyms-:  unstoppable , obvious
Antonyms  – avoidably, gently,unnecessarily
Example – The conflict was to lead inexorably in election keeping in mind the tough situation between the two parties.

5)Dissension (noun) ( कलह): Dis-enshun
Meaning – 
a disagreement that leads to arguing and discord
Synonyms-:  disagreement, dispute.
Antonyms –   agreement, concurrence, harmony
Example – 
Religion caused so much dissension in the family that the controversial topic was banned from the dinner table.

6)Turmoil (noun)( उथल-पुथल): Tur-mawl
Meaning – 
a state of confusion or disorder
Synonyms-:   confusion, disorder, agitation/disruption.
Antonyms –  calm, peace
Example – 
The mayor was not reelected to his office because of his inability to bring the city out of financial turmoil.

7)Posterity (noun) ( भावी पीढ़ी): Pos-ter-ity
Meaning – 
all future generations
Synonyms-:   future generations; descendants, successors.
Antonyms – Past , present
Example – 
Even if you do not care about posterity, you should not cause pollution if you at least care about yourself.

8)Echelon () ( विभाग): Ech-lon
Meaning – 
a rank or position in society or in an organization
Synonyms-:   level, rank, grade (in an organization). 
Example – 
Because Satya is at the highest echelon of his company, he receives a huge salary.

9)Convene (verb)  ( इकट्ठा करना): Con-vene
Meaning – 
to gather for a reason
Synonyms-:  assemble, gather, meet.
Antonyms – disperse, divide, scatter
Example – 
Tomorrow morning, the teachers will convene in the cafeteria to discuss the dress code.

10)Delineate (verb)  ( चित्रित करना): Deli-ni-ate
Meaning – 
to clearly describe or portray something
Synonyms-:  describe, define, outline.
Antonyms –  confuse , distort
Example – 
Computer programs which can delineate faces are very helpful to law enforcement agencies.

Word of the Day

  • Unfettered(Adjective)  – मुक्त, निरंकुश, आज़ाद, बंधनमुक्त
  • Meaning –  not confined or restricted.
  • Synonyms –  Unrestrained, unrestricted, unconfined
  • Antonyms – restricted, fettered
  • Example (English) –We believe that unfettered access to information is of utmost importance to the society as a whole.
  • Example (Hindi) – हमारी यह मान्यता है कि जानकारी तक मुक्त पहुंच समग्र समाज के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है।

Now it’s time to check your vocabulary. We have given below some words from the same article. Try to make sentences with these words in the comment section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Dispel
  • Misgiving
  • Exhausted
  • Executive
  • Momentous

All the best for your exams


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