Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 8th January 2018

Today’s article, ‘Enabling a law: rights of the disabled‘ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

This article talks about support of the Supreme court for the disabled people in the country as the Supreme court has directed Central and State governments to provide full access to public facilities, such as buildings and transport within specified deadlines.

Enabling a law: rights of the disabled

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1)Retrofit (verb)  ( पुनःसंयोजन ):  retro-fit
– to make an addition to the original, usually by adding an improvement
Synonyms – reconstruct, modify, modernize
Antonyms – destroy , demolish , ruin
Example – The professional photographer retrofits his camera with a number of specialized lenses to ensure a great picture every time.

2)Steer (verb)  (रास्ते पर लाना) :  est-ear
Meaning –
 to guide or control which direction one is going
Synonyms – guide, conduct, direct/lead
Antonyms –
follow up 
Example –
 Appalled that his son wanted to become a dancer, the doctor vowed to steer him towards a different career choice.

3)Harness (verb) (काम में लाना): har-ness
Meaning –
 control and make use of
Synonyms – :  use, utilise
Antonyms –
 disuse , abstain
Example –
In an attempt to harness solar energy, the landlord installed various solar plates and cells on the roof of the house.

4)Embark on (verb) (शुरू करना):   em-bark
Meaning –
   to begin anew
Synonyms-:  start, undertake, initiate.
Antonyms – disembark , leave , end
Example – On their anniversary, my parents will embark on a trip around the world.

5)Rope (in) (verb) (डोरे डालना,  मनाना) – ro-p
Meaning –
  to persuade someone to do something that they do not really want to do
Synonyms – encourage, persuade, convince
Example – 
I get roped in to help whenever I visit them.

6) Eminently (adverb) (अत्यंत) – emi-nent-li
Meaning –  
to a notable degree, very.
Synonyms –   very, greatly, most, highly.
Antonyms – negligibly, unimportantly
Example –
As he is an eminently qualified physician in town, it’s virtually possible to get an appointment with him unless you have a referral.

7)Pose (verb) (रचना करना, उत्पन्न करना) – pose
Meaning –
present or constitute
Synonyms-:  create, cause, produce.
Antonyms  – ruin , demolish , kill
Example – The sheer number of visitors is posing a threat to the beautiful area.

8)The spirit of the law (phrase)  (अभियोग)
Meaning – 
the real meaning or intention of a law, even if the words that are used in a law does not express this exactly/ the purpose or intent of a law when it was enacted/
Synonyms– abatable, accrual, alienate
Example – The lawyers have violated the spirit, if not the letter, of the law.

9)The letter of the law (phrase)  (पुनः स्थापित करना)
 the exact words that are used in a law, rather than its general meaning
Example –
 Criminals had stuck to the letter of the law and in my view they should be ashamed.

10) Strike a blow for (phrase) –  (अंत )
Meaning –
  to do something to help or to support an idea, movement, or group
Synonyms – support, back, get behind
Example –
 Narendra Modi has struck a blow for clean India

Word of the Day

  • Cordial  (Adjective)  –  स्नेहपूर्ण
  • Meaning –  warm and friendly
  • Synonyms –friendly, affable, amiable, warm, amicable
  • Antonyms – unfriendly, hostile, rude, inimical
  • Example (English) – Anil Ambani said that his relationship with his brother Mukesh is of “great personal respect and cordial”.
  • Example (Hindi) – अनिल अंबानी ने कहा कि उनका रिश्ता उनके भाई मुकेश के साथ “बड़े व्यक्तिगत सम्मान का और स्नेहपूर्ण” है।

Now it’s time to check your vocabulary. We have given below some words from the same article. Try to make sentences with these words in the comment section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Successive
  • Provision
  • Stipulate
  • Will

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