Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 4th January 2018

Today’s article, ‘On the ledger: on fiscal consolidation’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

 This article talks about the central government’s fiscal deficit which has already exceeded this fiscal year’s budget target by ₹65,573 crore. The article cites some main reasons which are responsible for such big fiscal deficit and says that policymakers and RBI must work on this to get grip on the fiscal consolidation.

On the ledger: on fiscal consolidation

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1)Complacency (noun)  (आत्मसंतोष ) :  kum-pley-sun-see
Meaning – 
a feeling of self-satisfaction that makes one unaware of one’s environment, a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.
Synonyms –   smugness, contentment, self-approval, self-approbation
Antonyms –
Altruism, disappointment, anxiousness
Example – 
With a sense of complacency, the foolish rabbit took a nap during his race against the turtle.

2)Apportion(verb) (बांटना):  ap-por-tion
Meaning – 
to distribute in a fair way
Synonyms – share out, divide out, allocate, distribute
Antonyms –
 aggregate, amalgamate, amass, append
Example – 
At the orphanage, we apportion afternoon snacks so that all children get at least one juice and one snack.

3)Bolster (noun) (मजबूत, सुदृढ़ बनाना ):  bohl-ster
Meaning – 
to make something stronger or bolder
Synonyms – strengthensupportreinforce
Antonyms –
 obstruct, stop, undermine, weaken
Example – If you want to feel better about yourself, you need to bolster your self-esteem.

4)Sovereign (noun) (प्रभुत्व): sov-rin
Meaning –
  exercising its own authority, possessing supreme or ultimate power.
Synonyms-:    supreme, absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, unrestrained
Antonyms –   dependent, peasant, non-governmental
Example –  Most of the citizens of Puerto Rico would like to end their association with the United States and become a completely sovereign country.

5)Garner (verb) (संचित करना) – gahr-ner
Meaning –
 gather or collect (something, especially information or approval).
Synonyms –   accumulate, amass, assemble
Antonyms – disperse ,distribute , dissipate ,scatter 
Example – 
The actor hopes to garner interest in his film by promoting it on several tv shows.

6)Sluggishness (noun)  (सुस्ती,निष्क्रियता) –s lug-gish-ness
Meaning – 
slow-moving or inactive, slow to respond or make progress.
Synonyms – idleness, lethargy, indolence
Antonyms – preparedness, alacrity, agility
Example –
Due to sluggishness in country’s economy, foreign investors showed indecisiveness in investing there.

7)Slippage (noun) (रपटफिसलन) –  slip-ij
Meaning – 
failure to meet a standard or deadline, the action or process of slipping or subsiding.
Synonyms– disappointment, flop, downfall
Antonyms  – success, blessing, win
Example –  Slippage on any job will entail slippage on the overall project.

8)Consolidation(noun)  (समेकन ) – kun-sol-i-dey-shun
Meaning –
 the action or process of combining a number of things into a single more effective or coherent whole ,the action or process of making something stronger or more solid.
Synonyms– integration, union, amalgamation
Antonyms – division, separation, dispersal
Example – A consolidation of data within an enterprise is very important to keep track of the growth.

9)Underwhelm (verb)  (प्रभावित करने में विफल) –  under-whelm
Meaning – 
 fail to impress or make a positive impact on (someone); disappoint
Synonyms – disappoint, baffle, disenchant, dismay
Antonyms – overwhelm
Example –
 American voters seem underwhelmed by the choices for president.

10)Traction (noun) –  (संकर्षण ) – trak-shun
Meaning –
the action of pulling something over a surface, or the type of power used for pulling
Synonyms –
grip, drag, pull
Antonyms – repulsion
Example –
 We didn’t get traction on this idea until the board took interest in this.

11)Ledger (noun)  (खाता बही) –   lej-er
Meaning – 
a book in which things are regularly recorded, especially business activities and money received or paid
Synonyms – account book, record book, registerregistrylog
Example –  The Bitcoin blockchain is the public, shared ledger that keeps track of payments in the Bitcoin network.

Word of the Day

  • Haven  (Noun)  –  आश्रय
  • Meaning – A place of safety or refuge
  • Synonyms –  Refuge, shelter, asylum, sanctum
  • Example (English) – Donald Trump said that Pakistan gave safe haven to terrorists in last 15 years.
  • Example (Hindi) – डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प ने कहा कि पाकिस्तान ने पिछले 15 सालों में आतंकवादियों को सुरक्षित आश्रय दिया।

Now it’s time to check your vocabulary. We have given below some words from the same article. Try to make sentences with these words in the comment section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Unfavourably
  • Obvious
  • Steady
  • Explanatory
  • Modest

All the best for your exams


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