Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 27th December 2017

Today’s article, ‘Rare privilege of reflection‘ has been picked from ‘Down to Earth’

This article talks about issues in India that need to be resolved as early as possible to build the better future.

Rare privilege of reflection

Challenging Words in the Article – 

1)Rescind (Verb)  (रद्द कर देना): ri-sind
Meaning – 
to take back; cancel
Synonyms – revoke, repeal, cancel/reverse
Antonyms –  allow, mandate, establish
Example – Once their union demands were met, the workers agreed to rescind the strike.

2)Feisty (Adjective)  (अधिक शक्तिशाली): feis-ti
Meaning –
(of a person, typically one who is relatively small) lively, determined, and courageous.
Synonyms –  spirited, spunky, plucky
Antonyms –  cowardly, fearful , dull
Example – The shy sister always depended on her feisty siblings to stand up for her during difficult times

2)Pelf (Noun) (एक बेईमान तरीके से प्राप्त धन ) – pelf
Meaning –
(money (gained in a dishonest way).
Synonyms –
lucre, wealth
Antonyms – debt, hardship, indigence
Example –
The gang member was angry when he found out his partner in crime spent all of the pelf they had stolen from the bank.

3)Preside (Verb) (सभापति होना) – pri-zahyd
Meaning – 
be in the position of authority in a meeting or other gathering ,to be in charge of something as the leader
Synonyms –  
be in charge of, head, manage/administer.
Antonyms –  follow, serve, obey
Example –
Judge Jagdip Singh will preside over the case and make a final ruling on the matter.

4)Wield (Verb)  (कुशलता के साथ फिराना ) – weeld
Meaning –
 To control an item with competence, in particular a tool or weapon
– exercise, exert, manage/control.
Antonyms – mismanage, suppress, neglect, enclose
Example –
He wields a great deal of influence over his students.

5)Faction (Noun)   (गुट) – fak-shun
Meaning –  
a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the group
Synonyms– a small group, section, division (of dissenter within a large group).
Antonyms –  entirety, total, unity
Example – Although I disagree with my political leaders, I am not in such disagreement that I want to break off and start my own faction to oppose their policies.

6)Shepherd (Verb) (निर्देशित करना ) –   shep-erd
Meaning – 
 to guide someone the right way (over a flock of sheep)
Synonyms – 
 guide, conduct, lead.
Antonyms –  mislead, misguide, follow
Example –
The passenger was shepherd across the tarmac to the airliner.

7)Foothold (Noun)  (निरंतर, दीर्घकालिक) – foot-hohld
Meaning –  a secure position from which further progress may be made.
Synonyms – hold, grip, anchorage, purchase.
Antonyms –  discharge, ineffective, impotent
Example –  Flipcart has now a very strong foothold in India.

8)Lulled (Verb) (सो जाना ) – lulled
Meaning – 
calm or send to sleep, typically with soothing sounds or movements
Synonyms – calm, compose, assuaged
Antonyms –  agitated, awakened, aroused
Example –
A sound in his ears as of a banner unfolding in the joyful distance lulled him.

9)Prophetic (Adjective) (भविष्यवाणी) – pruh-fet-ik
Meaning –
accurately predicting what will happen in the future
Synonyms –
mantic, occult
Antonyms –  unpredictive, unprophetic
Example –
If I had prophetic abilities, I would be picking up my lottery winnings right now.

10)Discordant (Adjective) (बेताल ,विरुद्ध) – dis-kawr-dnt
Meaning – harsh or unpleasant in sound, disagreeing or incongruous.
– clashing, strident, unpleasant
Antonyms – similar, agreeable
Example – The discordant sound of the teacher’s high-pitched voice silenced the class.

Word of the Day

  • Slew  (Noun)  –  अधिक संख्या

  • Meaning – a large number or quantity of something
  • Synonyms – oodles, heap, plurality, many, multitude, lot
  • Antonyms – handful, smattering, deficiency, dearth
  • Example (English) – Dipak Misra sworn in as chief justice of India, inherited slew of challenges.
  • Example (Hindi) – दीपक मिश्रा ने भारत के मुख्य न्यायाधीश के रूप में शपथ ली, अधिक संख्या में चुनौतियां विरासत में मिलीं।

Now it’s time to check your vocabulary. We have given below some words from the same article. Try to make sentences with these words in the comment section which will be reviewed by us.

  • Distrust
  • Retrieve
  • Assertive
  • Unlikely

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