Elevates your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist – 19th December 2017

Today’s article, ‘Stalemate at WTO: On U.S. obstructionism’ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’

 This article talks about the 11th biennial ministerial conference of the World Trade Organisation in Buenos Aires which has ended in a deadlock as the countries divided along various lines.The article says that it has become clear in this conference that India cannot rely on the United States government.  for support on crucial trade issues at multilateral forums.

Stalemate at WTO: On U.S. obstructionism

Challenging Words in the Article –

1) Rift (noun)  – (अनबन, मनमुटाव) – rift
Meaning –  a circumstance in which an amiable relationship has been broken
Synonyms –   disagreement, dispute, conflict.
Antonyms – Agreement, amalgamation, concordance
Example –  A difference in perspectives caused a rift that forced the two friends to end their business partnership.

2) Obstructionism (noun/adjective)   ( उद्देश्यपूर्वक कुछ रोकना) – ob-struc-tion-ism
Meaning –   an act of stopping/delaying something purposefully, particularly the political/legal plan of actions/the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.
Synonyms –  
   delay, impediment, opposition 
Antonyms –
 Helpfulness, complaisance , support
Example – Obstructionism is generally most evident at the stage of implementing a law.

3) Stalemate (noun)  ( गतिरोध) – steyl-meyt
Meaning –   
a situation in which movement is not possible by either side
Synonyms –  
deadlock, impasse, standstill/stand-off
Antonyms – advancement, betterment
Example – 
If the stalemate is not broken, the two leaders will leave the meeting without signing a treaty.

4) Multi-pronged (adjective)– (बहु आयामी) – multi-prong-d
Meaning –   
having different aspects/elements
Example –
There can be a multi-pronged approach to solve a particular question.

5) Disdain (noun)  (तिरस्कार) – dis-den
Meaning – 
lack of respect with a feeling of dislike
Synonyms – 
contempt, disrespect/dishonour, indifference
Antonyms –
 admiration, esteem, praise
Example – 
The woman looked at her abuser with disdain as he walked into the courtroom.

6) Thwart (verb)  (विफल) – thw-art
Meaning –    to hinder or stop something from happening
Synonyms – 
 block, prevent, stop
Antonyms –
  assist, encourage, facilitate
Example – After preparing wholeheartedly for the exam, sudden and serious illness thwarted his dreams.

7) Presumably (adverb)  (शायद) –  pre-zum-baly
Meaning – 
 by a sensible guess
Synonyms –  
probably, in all likelihood, undoubtedly.
Antonyms – unlikely, improbable,  firmly 
Example – 
Presumably, President’s wife will join him at the inauguration ceremony of the national level exhibition.

8) Stockpile (verb)   (भंडार) –  stok-payl
Meaning – 
 a large accumulated stock of goods or materials, especially one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency.
Synonyms –  
store up, amass, accumulate
Example – 
He claimed that the weapons were being stockpiled.

9) Consensus (noun)  (आम सहमति) –  con-sen-sas
Meaning – 
 general agreement about something
Synonyms –   
 agreement, concurrence.
Antonyms –  
disagreement,  dissension,  discord
Example – 
Because there is no consensus among the committee on the issue, we will meet again to take another vote in a few days.

9) Contend (verb)  (बहस करना, होड़ लगाना) –  con-tend
Meaning –  
to argue or challenge
Synonyms –   
compete, grapple with, deal with
Antonyms –  
collaborate, surrender, give up 
Example – 
The environmentalists contend the marine ecosystem is being destroyed at an alarming rate because of human pollution.

Word of The Day 

  • Replenish  (Verb)  –  फिर से भरना
  • Meaning – fill (something) up again
  • Synonyms – refill, fill up, recharge, reload
  • Antonyms – damage, deplete, use up
  • Example(English) – The government has proposed that ATMs should not be replenished with cash after 9 pm in cities.
  • Example (Hindi ) –  सरकार ने प्रस्ताव रखा है कि शहरों में 9 बजे के बाद एटीएम को नकदी से फिर से नहीं भरा जाना चाहिए।

Now try to answer the following questions which are based on the given passage –

  • Which issues would not be discussed at least until the next ministerial in 2019 as mentioned in the passage?

Given below are some words to check your vocabulary? Make sentences with those words in the comment section which will be reviewed by us :

  • Administration
  • Commitments
  • Offensive
  • Absolute

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